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Guangzhou international business incubator Ltd was found in Dec 2000, to be incorporated into the core part of the Guangzhou international incubator. From its beginning as a joint venture with Guangzhou new-high tech incubator service center (all so named the national new-high tech incubator service center) and Guangzhou technologic economic developing area investment Ltd which has been invest RMB exceed 1.45 billion, assumed the liabilities of the project construction and the upper management. As a professional team, there are 3 doctor,1 magisterial,7 bachelor total about 16 numbers. Our business is to construct a incubator flat-form, to incubate a resplendent future. Providing the full-round high quality incubate service, incubating a new and hi- tech top level, promoting new and hi-tech industrialization, recreating the traditional business management, running the financing as the main rhythem. our incubate strategy is “easy entry, fast Growing, graduate well,”. attracting the enterprise entry with the high quality soft-hard ware environment ,helping the enterprise to become strongly with the professional service, supplying the excellent high-tech enterprise to Guangzhou.
In order to speed the development of the new and hi- tech industry, complete the high tech support service system, upgrade the full- round incubate ability and environment of the Guangzhou high-tech, Guangzhou international incubator, which to be the major high-tech innovative base invest by Guangzhou government. The project started in June 2000,and it first project was binging in Sep 2001, pass through the tight construct more than one year, starting to solicit business to the public in 26 Dec 2002.
For the effective management, the foremost project no only assure the quality of itself ,but also control the construct investment. In 2002, the building site was appraised as the model of civilization building site and the basal project also appraised to the high quality stages project. comparing with the budget , this project total cost less than it more than 3000million,which in recognition of the achievement for its project construction by provincial-civic officer and guest in completion celebration.

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